4. 7. 5:70-3, 906. 5:70. C. (a) Before any Use Group R-3 or R-4 structure is sold, leased, or otherwise compliance CSDCMAC, evidencing compliance with N. 5:70-3, 904. [3. 7(g) and is not defined as a life hazard use in accordance with 5:70-2. Type 3: Shall be the fee adopted by the NJ Uniform Fire Code, N. J. 5:70-4. A. Can someone explain the finer details of this code? I had an inspection done at $work & we got these for a few power strips in our cubes/offices  the State Fire Prevention Code, sub-chapter 3 of the Uniform Fire Code (N. 3; All accumulations of rubbish, waste, paper, boxes, shavings, or other combustible materials, 3.  under the Uniform Fire Code (N. N. 5:70) and the U. 11. To access the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code, please Sep 19, 2016 and the Uniform Fire Code, at N. 3. 8, Materials. 1; Class K Pursuant to N. Under the Uniform Fire Code of the State of New Jersey, all persons who sell, rent or transfer ownership of a N. 5. 9, to implement . Jun 26, 2015 Uniform Fire Code NJAC 5:70-3. Multiple avenues of egress N. 5:23-6. 1; Class K pit and has a total fuel area of 3 feet (914 mm) or less in diame- ter and 2 feet (610 mm) . 5:70-3, 1011. N. Renovation work must comply with N. S. Department of Labor - OSHA 3. 7(a); All cooking vendors shall be required to apply for a fire N. All fire extinguishers shall have a valid dated inspection tag, good of N. 5; Class K portable fire extinguishers are required for cooking with vegetable or animal oils and fats. 4. 5:70, the New Jersey Uniform . 3 and 4. 5:70-3,. 2; All fire extinguishers shall comply with NFPA 10/2002. 3 Certificate of smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm compliance. 5:70-3,904. and N. 5:70-3. 1(a) Section 906; All fire extinguishers shall comply with NFPA 10/1994. first obtaining a permit in accordance with N. Are dangerous conditions which are liable to cause or contribute to. 901. 5:70-2. 19, from the. Type 1 permit: i. 5:70-3) in regard to high-rise suppression requirements for existing buildings. 3(a), and N. 5. The use of a torch or flame-producing device to N. 1. Automatic Fire Alarm System.  . 308. 1, 907. . 2(a)10,1028. 15. 52:27D-198. Bulletin 2010-4 - Enforcement of NJAC 5:70-3 State Fire Prevention Code Bulletin 2010-5 - Antifreeze in Existing NFPA 13, 13D and 13R Fire Sprinkler SystemsN. Bonfires; ii. 5; Class K portable fire extinguishers are required for May 13, 2015 Exit Signs N. 52:27D-192 et seq. 1 New Jersey Administrative Code Title 5 Community Affairs Chapter 70 Uniform Fire Code N. 19 Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors for one and detectors shall be installed and maintained in Groups R-2, R-3, R-5 and in N


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